My Magic dreams have lost their spell
(2020, Orange Milk Records)
LP/ CD/ digital

  1. Tides That Defeat Identity (10.12)
  2. Pretending You And I (8.52)
  3. Tonight There’ll Be No Distance Between Us (5.05)
  4. What A Made-Up Mind Can Do (9.33)
  5. Now Neither One of Us Is Breaking (4.34)
  6. My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell (7.45)

“For the past six years, Toronto-based composer Nick Storring has been generating a unique body of deeply personal work, painstakingly created by layering his own performances on a wide assortment of acoustic and electromechanical instruments. My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell—a heartfelt, albeit oblique, homage to Roberta Flack—is his frst vinyl release and sees his overdub-rich music taking a lush and nocturnal turn. Many of the compositions foreground his primary instrument, the cello, making the connection between his unique approach and orchestral music all the more explicit. While the record is haunted by wistful, introverted romanticism, its repeated hurtlings into psychedelic texture, bent pop-derived shapes, and gestures harvested from the musique concrète lineage, ensure that its trajectory remains a disorienting one.”


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