(2016, Notice REcordings)
CaSsette/ digital

  1. Field Lines (24.45)
  2. Yield Criteria (21.39)

“On the long-awaited Exaptations, Toronto-based composer Nick Storring presents two highly textural, side-long pieces. On “Field Lines”, originally composed for Yvonne Ng Peck Wan‘s dance piece, Magnetic Fields, a certain fragmented, uncertain openness is conveyed: a series of brief, dreamlike clearings are vignetted by pregnant silences or various levels of waking or sleeping states. Storring plays with a variety of tonal instruments that swell and tumble along while being nipped at by expressive percussion. Organic clusters develop within event-based sequences, stretching attention across multiple timbres and rhythms. On “Yield Criteria”, shifting drones move about like independent layers of ice on a lake in the dead of winter, slowing crumbling, sliding, and cracking in perfect harmony. Storring has written for dance and other interdisciplinary settings, and here he brings the delicate resourcefulness of a skilled accompanist, as well as a narrative sense that belatedly, profoundly blossoms.


Grant Purdum, Tiny Mix Tapes
Tristan Bath, The Quietus
Byron Coley, The Wire
Frans De Waard, Vital Weekly
Paul Margree, We Need No Swords
Elena Gritzan, Gray Owl Point
Scott Scholz, Tabs Out