(2014, Orange milk Records)
CaSsette/ digital

  1. Ungulates (3.00)
  2. Terminal Burrowing (18.47)
  3. Dewclaws (6.29)
  4. They Carry Light (13.45)

“Toronto-based composer Nick Storring presents his third album, Endless Conjecture — a collection of four works that continue to explore the approaches introduced earlier this year on his acclaimed album Gardens (Scissor Tail Editions). Working with an orchestral-scale palette of different acoustic and electromechanical (all played by him), and with next to nothing in terms of electronic tampering, his work is organic yet elusive, sometimes suggesting some form of ensemble music, other times remaining staunchly abstract. While alluding to different styles— musique concrète, various traditional idioms, psychedelia, free improvisation, modern composition—Storring’s music shirks easy classification in its unique and highly personal hybridization of these sonic elements. Endless Conjecture picks upon some of the darker, more mysterious currents of its predecessor, and veering toward raucous fits, perverse humour, and sober contemplation.


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