CaSsette/ digital

  1. Qualms I (19.26)
  2. Qualms II (23.02)

“Consisting of a single continuous work, Qualms is Storring’s fifth solo full-length after releases on Entr’acte, Scissor Tail Editions, Orange Milk, and Notice Recordings. It’s also his second to feature music derived from a collaboration with veteran Toronto choreographer Yvonne Ng, with whom he has been working since 2014. The piece’s approach is consistent with the primary one that Storring has employed on his recordings from Gardens onward. Storring audibly creates this music in a hands-on, by-ear manner. Layering and blending his own performances on acoustic and electromechanical instruments, it suggests both improvisatory spontaneity and sculptural meticulousness. Its aural scope is decidedly orchestral yet its texture and coloration is utterly unconventional, referencing a wide variety of styles and ideas. Qualmscharts a strange and vertiginous route through many possibilities within this methodology—dense sonorous thickets, skewed lyricism, vacant interzones, and passages of droning groove.


Nick Ostrum, Free Jazz Collective
Ben Taffijn, Nieuwe Noten
Bill Meyer, Dusted
Tristan Bath, The Quietus/ Spool’s Out
Just Outside/ Brian Olewnick
Nine Chainz To The Moon