“Each moment feels unique unto itself, creating an environment in which things — maybe movements, or maybe something in your own imagination — have the space to happen.”
— Bill Meyer, Dusted

“Toronto composer and cellist Nick Storring is clearly such a rare and exceptional talent as both a composer and instrumentalist”
— Tristan Bath, The Quietus

“I dare say different from anything you’ve heard recently… disorienting but disarming at the same time.”
— Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

“The sheer ambition Storring demonstrates through painstakingly composing and arranging this work is commendable on its own. That the ultimate result is so utterly gorgeous is almost beyond words. 9/10“
— Bryon Hayes, Exclaim!

“Storring HAS IT, his compositional prowess only eclipsed by his sense of atmosphere and space”
— Grant Purdum, Tiny Mix Tapes

“… sheets of sound (often with metallic or percussive components) gliding past each other in stately event sequences, with occasional gamelanic interludes and whorls of sonic swaddle.”
— Byron Coley, The Wire

“The remaining work, for strings alone, was Nick Storring’s remember how we used to…? (2004). This passed in a series of exhalations of varying texture: glassy and long-bowed, dry and plucked, fluttering with tremolo. A fragment of harmonized tune appeared, then was dropped, then appeared again, like the recollection of a film once seen and only half-remembered. It was a good piece, from a young composer who deserved the $5,000 Canadian Music Centre Emerging Toronto Composer Award he received after intermission.”
— Robert Everett-Green, The Globe And Mail

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